Traffickers share intelligence across the globe in a matter of seconds. So does Global Eye.

C-TOC is a dynamic global operations centre running diverse programs against trafficking networks

Global Eye Counter Trafficking Operations Centre

Trafficking is not bound by borders, and neither is CTOC.

The Global Eye C-TOC – Counter Trafficking Operations Centre – is a long planned development under the Global Eye umbrella. The Centre is the mechanism that institutionalizes Global Eye programs. Global Eye coordinates and tracks all programs through the C-TOC, and synchronizes the complex and multifaceted field operations and research components. CTOC is where real-time decisions are made and where collaboration with multiple law enforcement agencies is managed. It is also the central hub for verified data that can be shared with entities such as CITES, UN GRASP.

C-TOC works by better enabling Global Eye and our partners to reach anywhere across the globe. The Centre is designed to support multiple strategies and programs concurrently, while cross-referencing all incoming data. Global Eye’s goal is to increase the capability and options to disrupt the people illegally profiting from the suffering of other human beings and the world’s natural heritage. C-TOC is the cohesion that Global Eye programs use to cause catastrophic failure of trafficking networks.