Provision of actionable intelligence to selected partners.

Exposing corruption.

Supporting in-depth investigations

Local to National

Global Eye works closely with selected agencies and high quality police officers to support them to apply relevant laws. We train officers, mentor them and support them with resources, however we do not fund government agencies directly.

Depending on the country of operation a ‘cocktail’ of laws (for example: Crime and Anti Money Laundering Act, Prevention of Organised Crime Act, Anti-Corruption Act, Economic Crimes Act, Wildlife Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act) can be used to build strong legal cases so that criminals will face harsher penalties.

Where the application of national laws is not likely to be applied or effective, other implements and options are examined. These options include international treaties and conventions, feeding data to reports such as Trafficking in Persons, as well as working with governments who maintain various international jurisdictions & reach.