The sale and use of people against their will strips those people of their dignity.

Children and young women are trafficked within Africa for the sex trade.

Smuggled humans may end up being trafficked.

A fundamental breach of human rights

The sale and exploitation of human beings brings astounding suffering. Sexual exploitation, indentured labour, organ removal and the sale of infants all represents facets of human trafficking. While recognizing that a lot of human trafficking is opportunistic rather than organized, controlled trafficking networks do exist widely.

We recognise that human trafficking and human smuggling are part of a spectrum of exploitative activities making profit from vulnerable people.

Our Work

Global Eye maintains extensive, vetted law enforcement networks and we support these officers with robust intelligence on human traffickers. The objectives includethe prosecution of traffickers and buyers. We also engage with the private sector to ensure they fully understand their labour supply chains and where vulnerability exists, and we support them to address these problems.

Given the extremely complex & sensitive nature of human trafficking we liaise closely with specialist victim support partners as an integral part of every program.