A program may include:

Criminal intelligence
Legislative & intergovernmental Research
Private sector engagement
NGO engagement
Anti-money laundering
Cyber tool deployment

Social media - apes

A holistic global approach

Transnational crime demands programs that intersect with everything from global financial centres to remote villages, from local police to intergovernmental Conferences of Parties. Operationally we map the layers and extent of entire supply chains, from logistics nodes to communication mediums. We work in multiple languages across multiple time zones, 24/7.

Criminal networks can be diffuse& loosely affiliated or hierarchical and tightly managed. Removing single individuals who are not core to the network won’t have any lasting impact except to cause network shifts. As such we don’t measure how many people are prosecuted – instead we assess who they are and if they really count.

We take an offender oriented policy to human trafficking, where we don’t leave the opportunity for another vulnerable person to be exploited. For wildlife and timber trafficking our strategies enable an all-encompassing approach – it is not enough to prevent one species from being trafficking only to have illicit networks switch to another.

Transnational crimes, regardless of the commodity, are criminal problems that require holistic counter-criminal strategies. Our programs get the job done. Transnational criminal networks demand transnational criminal intelligence.