The trafficking of wildlife, persons and timber is a transnational crime.
These crimes are multi-layered and immense in scale.

Transnational Crime

Innovation to find solutions

Transnational crime is a key global challenge of our time. It constitutesan enormous and complex problem set, deeply affecting all sectors including conservation & human rights. As global trade and language barriers come down, logistics get easier and international police cooperation fails to keep pace, transnational crime has escalated to extraordinary proportions. At Global Eye we believe we can find solutions.

Our Work

Global Eye is a leading organisation effectively combating transnational trafficking, with wide-ranging expertise underpinning our work. Our applied programs mirror transnational crimeby being fluid, adaptable, robust and taking full advantage of global networks. Our work has directly led to the dismantling of criminal networks across Africa and Asia. Our strategies and programs are cost and effort effective.