The illicit trade in wildlife is a significant conservation and criminal problem globally.

4 species of cycad, beautiful and ancient plants, are extinct in southern Africa due to illegal removal and sale.

Big cats are trafficked out of Africa and Asia

Less than 50 Sumatran rhino are left in the wild

Horrific cruelty and immense profits

Species of all kinds are trafficked, often crossing multiple borders. Organized crime plays a large part in the problem, whether it is controlledsyndicates or loose affiliations of individuals. The illicit wildlife trade is worth billions of dollars annually.

Our Work

Global Eye’s programs are designed to uncover the complex layers of global wildlife trafficking networks. We work to locate all points along the supply chains, from source, transit and destination. We identify the entities and individuals involved, and the inherent network vulnerabilities.
Our research team conducts in-depth examination of which laws and treaties may be applicable,from customs breaches and fraud to wildlife legislation, as we seek the most effective way to disrupt the trafficking chain.